About Us

Lean Hub Asia is a global B2B advisory and consultancy boutique firm reinventing enterprises organisation through team thinking, learning and acting using real time data.

Our customers are "entrepreneur thinking" business owners and enterprises leaders who are feeling that they still got a lot left in them and their business to reach the pinnacle of what they want in life but unsure how to do it. Using innovative thinking, latest tools & technology, our team of Asia based game changers and experts will be catalyst for achieving fast "mission impossible" goals

Jean F Laugier (Jean)

Founder & CEO

Jean, a seasoned, highly motivated entrepreneur based in Asia for more than two decades founded Lean Hub Asia to share with "entrepreneur thinking" Enterprises a unique multicultural way to improve results.

Through his MNC (including Nestle Group) Technical Executive global assignments and C-level Advisory and Consulting roles within the disrupted Manufacturing, Information Technology and Trading sectors he is enthusiastically taking "intrapreneur" roles within complex and challenging diverse client base. Together with agile companies, individual experts an a pro-active business matching network he is working as a catalyst for Enterprises achieving fast "mission impossible" goals.

Jean holds a BSc. Industrial Engineering from Arts & Métiers ParisTech in France accredited by the Institution of Engineers Australia and certified Lean Professional by CTPM Australasia. He is an avid learner on how to keep improving life through the right mental & physical attitude and a balanced use of smart technology.

As a Company owner and rock climber Jean believes that we must take responsibility for removing "I cannot" from our vocabulary.

Jesdaporn Suntrapai (Jessy)

Executive Director

Jessy (Jean’s partner in business and in life) is an enthusiastic Asian professional with over 20 years of extensive experience in Marketing Communication & Management with multinational companies on a local and regional basis especially within the Information Technology sector.

Data is everywhere! Jessy expert market research wealth of experience comes from an in depth understanding of the limitations of what is out there or on the web and harness that vast knowledge base to paint an immediately usable picture of a given industry.

With tactical hands-on visual skills, a result-oriented professional mindset and strong business process acumen, Jessy is bringing a unique blend of Asian and Western Business and Personal perspective to ambitious and open-minded Enterprises.

Jessy graduated from Cleveland State University in USA with a Master degree in Business Administration and recently obtained an on-line Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland.

Weerachaiphat Thamvimuttikul (Tony)

Business Development Director

Tony enjoys a long career as a Senior Advisor and Consultant to major Asset Management firms, and private investors. He operates globally solving challenges related to corporate strategic planning, business growth, management development and succession planning. He is bringing to Lean Hub Asia an unparalleled network of exciting Business opportunities.

As the architect and driving force behind the launch of a number of successful companies he enjoys a reputation of focused, energetic entrepreneur with 15 years of finance, operational, precious metal trading and fund management experience. Tony operates across cultures including Asia Pacific, the Americas, Western & Eastern Europe and Russia

After getting his Bachelor Degree in Political Science in Thailand Tony spent almost 10 years in UK London further educating himself within a complex Public Private Partnership (PPP) environment. That hands-on experience allowed him to become a very savvy financial & business global Consultant linked to a high-level & trusted network

All Services and Products value providers that Lean Hub Asia is partnering with are globally based multi-lingual companies or individual experts in their field with verifiable references.

Lean Hub Asia Pte Ltd incorporated in Singapore has an active presence in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and North America. We are a member of Regus Virtual Office Worldwide providing a flexible local base for Servicing our Customers in a professional environment.