Advisory & Consultancy

Involving all stakeholders, document current “as-is” and objective “to-be” using Design Thinking, implement innovative growth solutions reinventing enterprises organisation


Challenges; probable current “as-is” status:

  • Non-compliance with Standards

    Complying with diverse standards, technical regulations, and conformity assessment procedures to capture lucrative foreign market opportunities seems prohibitive

  • Digitalization disruption

    Digitalization has resulted in disruption of your market, rapid obsolescence of knowledge, skills and business models

  • Skill shortages

    Participation in the knowledge-based economy is held back by skills shortages, poor internal management practices and low levels of workforce training

  • Limited Collaboration with external institutions

    Appear to be relatively behind in establishing collaboration with education and training institutions, and in the use of company-level learning strategies

  • Under the Management of Company Owner

    Are under the management of the owner, and that on the positive side, they can be managed from a long-term perspective. However, on the negative side it is difficult to hold meetings of the board of directors and formulate management plans.

  • Conservative investment strategy

    Investment has focused mainly on maintenance and upgrades to counteract the aging of facilities and equipment

  • Risk-averse culture

    Risk-averse culture less willing to invest in new technologies


Tips; potential future “to-be” status:

  • Visualise & reach objectives

    Connect to appropriate knowledge partners and networks, including larger enterprises at the local, national and global levels (MNCs) to enable you visualising and reaching exciting objectives.

  • Embrace Digital Transformation

    Increase the speed of decision making, while improving productivity using technology and data. Accelerate the scope and scale of innovation; technology and people interacting in new way.

  • Fully use Human Resources

    Ingenious usage of on-site, remote and outsourced Human Resources developing multiple skills through “action learning”; business investment and M&A-based business reorganization and mergers

  • Identify and solve growth challenges

    Identify growth challenges (including supply chain finance) through a review of in-house processes and implement suitable improvements

  • Customer focus through front-line team

    Customer focus is led by cross-functional teams from shop floor operator to C-level. All support the “front line” operators and sales

  • Train the trainer

    “Train the trainer” approach is used for the new way of doing things

  • Track unbiased and reliable data

    Unbiased and reliable data are tracked and shared by the responsible owner at all level within the organisation

  • Go beyond environmental compliance

    Achieving and going beyond environmental compliance with existing rules and regulations

Advisory and Consultancy services with an
“Information Technology” approach


Data Evidence




Information Technology is “supporting” decision makers at all level by providing to them the right data, let them “think” & then take action

Lean Hub Asia CEO is a co-Founder of "Think4", a trusted group of multicultural hands on experts engaging collaboratively with your teams to manufacture better products for your customers. We maintain a delicate balance between Beta and Alpha leadership and smart use of Technology.

"Team thinking, learning and acting using real time data"