Innovate Collaborate Elevate The Journey

Innovate, Collaborate, Elevate: The Journey of Crafting a Dynamic Co-Working Oasis in Bangkok

In the bustling heart of Bangkok, where tradition meets innovation, the journey of creating an extraordinary 558 sqm co-working space and a tech-driven accelerator begins.

From the spark of an idea to the vibrant reality with a panoramic view of the city, this blog unveils the meticulous steps involved in bringing this innovative venture to life.

Vision Ideation

Inspiration: The vision begins with the aspiration to cultivate a thriving ecosystem that seamlessly integrates co-working with a technology-driven accelerator. The goal is to foster collaboration, innovation, and mentorship.

Market Analysis: A comprehensive analysis of the local business landscape and emerging trends helps shape the vision. Identifying the needs of global “entrepreneur thinking” organisations new or expanding their activities in Bangkok becomes the cornerstone of the venture.

Space Purchase and Design

Location Scouting: The selection of a high-floor tower with breathtaking park and city views becomes pivotal. The chosen space, 558 sqm, is not merely a physical location but a canvas for creativity and collaboration.


Architectural Vision: Collaborating with visionary interior Designers, the design is curated to inspire innovation. An open, flexible layout is adopted, balancing private workspaces with communal areas. Floor-to-ceiling windows capture the stunning views, creating a dynamic and invigorating environment.

Expert Partnerships and University Interns

Tech-Driven Accelerator Collaboration: Strategic partnerships are forged with technology experts and industry leaders to create a cutting-edge accelerator program. This ensures that start-ups and entrepreneurs in the space benefit from mentorship, resources including investment, and networking opportunities.


University Internship Programs: To infuse fresh perspectives, internship programs are initiated in collaboration with local and regional universities. This not only brings in the energy and ideas of young talents but also establishes a bridge between academia and the dynamic entrepreneur ecosystem.

Global Client Persona Development

Market Research: In-depth market research, including persona development, is conducted to understand the diverse needs of potential clients. Personas are crafted for “entrepreneur thinking” organisations, with a specific focus responding to Chinese-speaking community demand in Southeast Asia.


Tailored Services: Based on the personas, tailored services are designed to meet the unique requirements of each client group. This includes language-specific support, networking events, and resources catering to the specific needs of Chinese-speaking community.

Vibrant Open-House Preparation

Strategic Marketing Campaign: An extensive marketing campaign is launched to build anticipation for the vibrant open house. Social media teasers, local partnerships, and progressively engaging content showcase the unique features and offerings of the co-working space and accelerator.


Networking Events: Pre-open house networking events are organized to create a buzz within the community. These events serve as a prelude to the grand opening and facilitate early networking opportunities for potential clients.

Reactive Operation Based on Lean Principles

Lean Operations Strategy: The operational framework is built on lean principles, emphasizing efficiency, adaptability, and continuous improvement. Agile methodologies are employed to ensure responsiveness to the evolving needs of the co-working community.


Iterative Feedback Loops: Regular feedback sessions with clients and accelerator participants are implemented to gather insights. This iterative process allows for quick adjustments, ensuring that the co-working space remains a dynamic and responsive ecosystem.

Bridging Soft Skills and Technology

Skill Development Workshops: Soft skills development becomes an integral part of the co-working experience. Workshops on communication, leadership, and creativity are conducted to bridge the gap between technical expertise and interpersonal skills.


Tech-Mentorship Programs: The accelerator program includes mentorship initiatives that pair entrepreneurs with seasoned mentors. This ensures a holistic approach to skill development, combining technological proficiency with effective communication and leadership.


From a visionary spark to a panoramic reality, the journey of creating an innovative co-working space and tech-driven accelerator in Bangkok exemplifies the fusion of creativity, collaboration, and technology. The space stands as more than a physical entity; it’s a living, breathing ecosystem where start-ups, entrepreneurs, and visionaries converge to innovate, collaborate, and elevate their ventures. This journey epitomizes the dynamic spirit of Bangkok’s entrepreneurial landscape, where tradition meets the future with open arms.


ZenicHub Co Ltd, part of Laconic Technology Co Ltd Ecosystem is a new Co-working space & Accelerator with grand-opening target schedule by early Q1, 2024.

It is a new Thai company under incorporation and its website design is in progress.