Business Matching

Connecting global Investors and Enterprises across Asia–Pacific with innovative growth solutions


We can find a match for you!

  • Global investor seeking
    • An aggressive and sustainable return
    • Access to disruptive business models & technologies
    • Partners with a multi-cultural & flexible mindset
  • Large Enterprise operating on a regional basis seeking
    • Distributors or Partners to enter or expand in a new market
    • Sourcing of external staff (Management, Technician, Vocational) to cope with business seasonality or temporary lack of internal resources
    • Reliable, pro-active SMEs to outsource to them specific products or services including flexible business vehicle set-up (like off-shore company)
  • Ambitious local Enterprise seeking
    • Access to new markets
    • Short-medium term bridge finance
    • Knowledge Partners to develop their internal team

Industry Sectors focus

  • Manufacturing
    Food & Beverage, Automotive, Electrical & Electronic, Chemical
  • Information Technology
    Affordable & customizable solutions including ERP, POS retail, hardware storage, CRM, Business Intelligence (BI), HRM & HRD
  • Renewable Energy
    Solar, hydrogen, waste to energy
  • Healthcare
    Digital healthcare
  • Hospitality