Business Matching

Connecting your business with trusted sources such as investors, suppliers (including technology providers to sustain digitalized economy) and specific expertise

  • Pro-active investors (including ourselves) providing not only access to finance but ready as well to roll-up their sleeves and become knowledge-partners
  • Large enterprise and MNCs are always seeking reliable, pro-active SMEs to outsource to them specific products or services
  • Facilitate sourcing of external staff (vocational, technician, management) to cope with business seasonality or temporary lack of internal resources
  • Patent fast track industrialization development including Intellectual Property (IP) protection
  • Affordable & customizable Information Technology solutions: ERP, POS retail, hardware storage, CRM, Business Intelligence (BI), HRM & HRD and more
  • Renewable energy (especially solar and waste to energy)
  • Flexible business vehicle (including off-shore) global set-up
  • Medical holiday in Asia for physical and mental health